Wedding Photographer

It is a style of photography where a story is told that implies a minimal involvement by the photographer. A wedding photojournalist lets all moments simply happen around him, while he uses his creative eye to interpret these moments through his photography.

Fine-Art photography includes the use of artistic angles, creative lights, unique compositions with a strong artistic impact. He searches the scene, and searches the anticipation of moments, which will then be transformed using textures, filters, masks and other techniques authorized in Photoshop to create an exciting and unique image.

Photography of a fashion wedding is a genre of photography that focuses the attention on showing objects, clothes, flowers, flowers, jewelry, hairstyle and makeup.

The typical traditional photography requires an involvement by the photographer. He is seen as a coordinator, and therefore, he guides, assists, and directs the various moments of the wedding, capturing natural moments.

It’s a fashion from America, is a style of photography that contrasts with the elegant clothing in an-out of context. Beaches buildings abandoned field woods and creative places get dirty get wet roll up maybe in a wedding post to ease the tension.

Shots of seduction very popular as a wedding gift to the groom sexy, but with style, taking the best from them, without falling into the vernacular.